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Ralf Dahrendorf has died at age 80

Ralf Dahrendorf

Ralf Dahrendorf

Last Wednesday, after severe illness sociologist and liberal Politician Lord Ralf Dahrendorf at age 80 in Cologne where he was a visiting researcher to MPIfG. His contribution to sociology, to democracy in Germany and to liberalism is invaluable, and Dahrendorf will be greatly missed. Here is an interview (recorded 1989, uploaded 2008) with Ralf Dahrendorf at UC Berkeley in English.

Here is a late talk by Lord Ralf Dahrendorf on Freedom versus Justice at Stiftung für die Freiheit (May 2008):

See also 3Sat, FAZ, Spiegel , Frankfurter Rundschau, Guardian and MPIfG Cologne.

Update 21.08.09: In this late interview (2005, in German), Lord Ralf Dahrendorf discusses welfare reform, freedom, inequality and social justice in western European nations. Dahrendorf criticizes German chancellor Gerhard Schröder for failing to recognize that freedom is always connected with hope.