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Allow me to introduce myself …

My name is Tina Guenther. My readers know me as a sociologist and a hard blogging scientist interested in just about anything that moves around and is of social character – thus potential object of sociological reasoning.

Of course my focus is on economy, organizations, knowledge, technology, social media and of course, sociological theory.

If you’re interested to learn more about me and my activities online, feel free to visit my profile on Xing, Facebook and ClaimID.Skype at me at username sozlog. Or contact me at mail (at) tguenther (dot) de.

Please feel free to check out the other places where I am also playing, that is Librarything and Slidehare.

A short while ago, sozlog, my digital home, was object to a mean bot. Therefore, sozlog will have its preliminary home here on wordpress until my origninal blog will be relaunched. You will find all relevant links and materials here, before long. Meanwhile, you might also want to check out sozwiki.