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One for the socioblogophere

So, Sozlog now received a bunch of old and new links. Readers from my original sozlog are familiar with my hobby to try discover weblogs and websites on sociology and collect them in my sozwiki – hoping for an emerging global socioblogosphere with increasing density 🙂 As you can see, I shuffled around the links a bit. I try to include some of the most interesting German sociobloggers and some new sites. Most sociology blogs I managed to discover up to now are located in US, Great Britain and Germany, only very few in other contries. My hunch is this due to the largest size and higest density of the Socioblogosphere in the US, Great Britain and the widespread use of the English Language. Kieran Healy was the first blogging sociologist to show up in 2006, and he draw my attention to orgtheory. Recent discoveries include A sociologist’s commonplace book by Dan Hirschman and Understanding Society and his parallel blog Changing Society by Daniel Little. As my search continues, I hope to discover more weblogs, wikis, sites from research institutions and professional associations around the globe. Considered that Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Arabic are represented among the top languages on the internet, I hope to find more sociology sites in these languages. To my experience, blogging in English in addition to German has been a tremendous advantage in terms of visibility and might help to find more weblogs and sites on an international level. In case you can recommend sociology sites I missed, pleas drop me a line or add the weblogs and websites to the link collection in sozwiki.