Tagesarchiv: November 25, 2008

Sociology Conference Biz 2009

It has been quiet here on Sozlog lately, but that has a number of reasons: First, I had to get my two courses of Sociology at the University of Würzburg on track, one on „Sociology of knowledge“ [HS Spezielle Soziologie „Das Wissen vom Wissen“], the other on „Sociology of the internet“ [HS Spezielle Soziologie „Soziologie des Internet“]. Second, I have increased activity on my  „Sozwiki„where I put together resources related to sociology and and I hope that my students will contribute valuable material relating to their courses. And third, new Social Media such as Twitter and Friendfeed organizing content into flows have quite a bit of fascination. Last night, I was curious about conferences relevant for sociologists in 2009. It took about two hours to put together this list of conferences. With just a little more effort, the list can easily be doubled. Please feel free to add more conferences on sociology or send a note such that I can complete the list. Weiterlesen