Tagesarchiv: November 6, 2008

Two challenges President elect Barack Obama will face when taking office

As President elect Barack Obama is getting ready to take office on january 20th 2009, all political leaders on the international stage rallying to congratulate and confronting him with their tremendous expectations, I would like to express how admirable I find his political campaign. Unfortunately, my post will add to high hopes and expectations he is aware of, anyway, from a German perspective. Having watched the entire election night on November 4/November 5 live and two years of campaign trail on CNN before it is not diffiult for Americans to see that all of us here were in a political campaign fever, too. Rallying around the Obama flag internationally looks like this, these days. Shrinkingissaac writes he „is amused by how many non-Americans i know are as excited about last night as any Americans i know.“ . Marcus Beckedahl at Netzpolitik predicts that German election campaign of 2009 online will be nothing more than a gray shade as compared to Obama’s campaign. The Britons, by contrast, invite Obama’s election campaign team and try to learn how key lessons from Obama’s presidential campaign can be transferred to Britain. That is what I would expect for political campaigning in Germany, as well.

Barack Obama has taken Max Weber’s concept of the charismatic leader to a whole new level and into the 21st century with his impressive campaign. No other political leader can recur on a broad social movement to get things done. No other leader will have as much political power and as much influence as compared to Barack Obama in the years to come.

Fabio Rojas at orgtheory writes: „But before these issues assert themselves and force me to be critical, I wanted to take a few moments to discuss why I found Obama such a profoundly impressive figure over the past ten years.“ and points to Obama’s equanimity and openness in communication and to his persona combining intelligence, broad mindedness, inclusiveness, and charity toward the listener. From what I have perceived on the media Obama has a calmness hat makes him almost inprovokeable. Obama is not only a tremendous speaker in public but also an intellectual, who, I hope, is capable of dealing with enormous complexity, with interlinkeages and interdependencies among the various challenges confronting him. But it is the ascribed personality, our hopes and expectations, is what makes Obama a charismatic political leader unlike any other contemporay politician. So, in the face of the global challenges ahead I’ll try to explore why not only the United States but world citizens long for Barack Obama’s charismatic leadership. Why will Obama need the broad social movement that he created to get things done? Weiterlesen