Oh happy day

After six short trips to Franconia, I am in a summer break mood sitting in a nice Wifi café in Bamberg (Cafe „New York“, Austraße) , enjoying the sunshine and waiting to attend a meeting of our alumni organization ABS at the university of Bamberg. I have finished my 3 courses on economic and organizational sociology at the universities of Bamberg and Würzburg, and the participants still have quite a bit of work ahead unless their text materials are ready to be turned in. We have discussed quite a bit of literature including passages of Jens Becker’ts „Beyond Markets“, Neil Fligstein’s „Architecture of markets“, Kieran Healy’s „Blood and organs“, Mike Powers „Organized Uncertainty“, Guido Möllering’s „Trust: Reason, Routine, Reflexivity“ in economic sociology, and we have discussed about the complicated relationship between organizations and professionalism in the course of organizational sociology. A conclusion on the results of the three courses at the two schools could be drawn only after the grading procedure late fall, but the discussions have been constructive and fruitful. Meanwhile – have a nice summer, everybody!

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